Doug in Ireland

Ireland has always held a special place in my heart, which is why it was the perfect location to capture a portrait session. We traveled all around the coast including Galway, Dublin, Kenmare, Dingle, and more interestingly a small island off the coast only accessible by a 1 hour long fisherman boat ride to the island of Skellig Michael . This island is especially unique because it was home to 12 monks during the 8th century and more recently the site of the ending scene of the latest Star Wars film. Take a look inside this stunning Unesco heritage site and other sites around Ireland below where I captured my model Doug.

skellig michael_0001 skellig michael_0002 skellig michael_0003 skellig michael_0004 skellig michael_0005 skellig michael_0006 skellig michael_0007 skellig michael_0008 skellig michael_0009 skellig michael_0010 skellig michael_0011 skellig michael_0012 skellig michael_0013 skellig michael_0014 skellig michael_0015 skellig michael_0016 skellig michael_0017 skellig michael_0018 skellig michael_0019 skellig michael_0020


2 thoughts on “Doug in Ireland

  1. Krystal, I loved your Ireland pictures. You are very talented!!
    It was great meeting you and watching you work last night at the Ambassador’s receptopn for Spencer & Marlene Hays. Aaron

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